Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

At RS MFG, we harness advanced technology, masterful craftsmanship, and stringent quality control to meticulously transform raw materials into high-quality, robust components suitable for a broad array of applications.

Why Choose RS MFG for Sheet Metal Fabrication

Advanced Technology

Employs cutting-edge machinery for precision in cutting.

Material Versatility

Handles diverse materials like stainless steel, aluminum.

Custom Fabrication Solutions

Provides tailored services to meet specific project needs.


Customer-Centric Service

Dedicated to customer satisfaction with excellent service.

Superior Quality and Precision

Commits to superior quality and precision.


Competitive Pricing

Offers transparent and competitive pricing.

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Capabilities


Laser cutting, plasma cutting, and waterjet cutting for precise and clean cuts.


Painting, powder coating, and plating to protect and enhance the appearance of the final product.


 Advanced press brakes with a range of capabilities for precise bending and forming.


Welding, riveting, and adhesive bonding to ensure strong, durable joints.

Ready to Get a Sheet Metal Fabrication Quote?

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Industries We Serve & Case Study

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services Automotive


Advanced precision sheet metal fabrication enhances and performance in automotive.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services Aerospace


Aerospace components crafted with high-grade materials meet stringent quality standards.



Fabricated structural components ensure enduring strength and reliability in construction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What sheet metal fabrication services do you offer?


We offer a comprehensive range of sheet metal fabrication services, including cutting (laser, plasma, waterjet), bending (with press brakes), joining (welding, riveting, adhesive bonding), and finishing (painting, powder coating, plating). Our capabilities allow us to handle projects ranging from simple components to complex assemblies.

2. What types of materials can you work with in sheet metal fabrication?


Our facility is equipped to work with a wide variety of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and other specialty metals. We carefully select the material based on your project requirements, ensuring durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

3. Can you handle custom and complex fabrication projects?


Absolutely. We specialize in custom fabrication solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our team collaborates with you to understand your project requirements and deliver custom solutions that meet your unique challenges, regardless of the complexity of the design.

4. How do you ensure quality in your fabrication processes?


Quality is integral to our operations. We follow a strict quality control process, which includes rigorous material inspection, precision measurements during fabrication, and thorough checks of the final product. Our adherence to industry standards ensures that every fabricated component meets our high-quality benchmarks.

5. What is your lead time for sheet metal fabrication projects?


Our lead time varies depending on the complexity and volume of the project. However, we are committed to delivering your project on time without compromising quality. We can provide an estimated timeline once we review your project details.

6. How competitive are your prices for sheet metal fabrication services?


We offer competitive pricing while ensuring the highest quality and service. Our advanced technology and efficient processes allow us to optimize costs and provide excellent value to our clients. We also offer a price match guarantee, ensuring you receive the best price without sacrificing quality.

7. Do you offer finishing services for fabricated products?


Yes, we provide a range of finishing services, including painting, powder coating, and plating. These finishing services not only enhance the appearance of the final product but also provide additional protection against environmental factors, ensuring longevity and durability.

8. How can I get a quote for my sheet metal fabrication project?


You can easily get a quote by filling out our online request form, emailing us your project specifications, or calling us directly. Our team will review your requirements and provide you with a detailed quote promptly.

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