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Welcome to RS MFG, the nexus of precision, quality, and innovation in CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and aluminum die casting. Since 2001, we’ve transformed concepts into reality with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

Our Journey

In 2001, RS MFG was founded as a dedicated CNC shop with a singular focus: to deliver unparalleled precision in manufacturing. Our journey, driven by a passion for engineering excellence, has seen us grow from a single facility to three specialized machine shops, each focusing on a core manufacturing service. From the intricacies of CNC machining to the finesse of sheet metal fabrication and the robustness of aluminum die casting, our expansion has been fueled by our commitment to quality and innovation. Today, RS MFG stands as a beacon of industry expertise, housing a team of dedicated professionals and serving a diverse roster of industries.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to creating value for our clients by providing comprehensive manufacturing solutions that adhere to the highest standards of precision and quality.




Client Success

Our Expertise

Our expertise spans CNC machining, where we first laid our foundation, to sheet metal fabrication, shaping metal with precision and care, and into the world of aluminum die casting, creating durable components with meticulous detail.

Meet Our Team

Our team is the heart of RS MFG. We are engineers, machinists, and visionaries, united by a common goal: to build products that drive progress.

Comprehensive Solutions

Cutting-Edge Technology

Tailored Services

Reliable Timelines

Sustainability and Responsibility

At RS MFG, we embrace our role as stewards of the environment and champions of the community. We’ve integrated energy-efficient technologies, waste reduction practices, and ethical supply chain management to ensure our operations contribute positively to our planet and society. Our commitment extends beyond the factory floor, as we invest in community initiatives and prioritize the well-being of our employees.

Call to Action

We invite you to reach out to learn more about our services, our sustainability efforts, or to discuss how we can assist with your manufacturing needs.

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